Discovery Course Testimonial


Fran is a Theta healer and life coach. What Fran does is she picks up issues that many of us choose to ignore or cover-up. In my case, they were issues from when I was a young child. She is very good at making us look at those issues and work through them. It felt like a huge ton weight was lifted off of me. Resolving those issues brings tremendous release and freedom. That release and freedom help us move forward.

I suggest visiting with Fran.

Kitt – Texas

To Whom It May Concern,

I highly recommend Fran Pedron. Having known Ms. Pedron for five years, I have found her to be extremely insightful and compassionate. She possesses exceptional character and dynamic problem solving abilities.

Ms. Pedron has assisted me with my personal growth and goal setting. She has been instrumental in helping me identify how emotional energy affects my personal health.

Based on our experience together, I am confident Ms. Pedron will exceed your expectations as you work towards achieving your own desired results.

Cora – Texas

I like to think I have it all together but Fran Pedron’s Discovery class was very eye opening. It expanded my understanding of goal setting and cleared many negative and outdated beliefs I had that had been holding me back from being my best self.

Bunni – Texas

I would like to take the opportunity to let everyone know just how much the ‘life-coaching classes with Fran Pedron has helped me to see more clearly exactly what is going on especially with my responses to all of life’s situations.

It has helped me tremendously to come to grips with the inner -knowing of how I react/respond to things, people, and situations, that I had never realized before. These workshop classes, which we did by phone answered many of my questions that I had about how I react to things mostly unknowingly, therefore in many cases jeopardizing the outcomes of situations, simply by reacting in the wrong way.

This information was so extremely valuable , as now I can honestly recognize the right approach to any situation in life , and respond with the right attitude to create success and happiness in my life.

With much gratitude,
Lee –Arizona