Why Work with Coach Fran and Fran Pedron & Co.

We believe to achieve our highest potential—knowing and understanding our belief systems is paramount. They guide us daily and determine the quality of lives in these areas: See testimonials here

  • Family & Friends
  • Personal Finances
  • Physical Health & Wellbeing
  • Romantic Relationship
  • Education & Personal Growth
  • Purpose & Career
  • Fun & Recreation

Our goal for each client is that they fulfill themselves daily and live their life’s purpose, while experiencing success in their personal and professional lives.

As human beings, we look to live life, with “Purposeful Intentions”, while moving in and out of our daily responsibilities. Some areas, where we look to balance successfully are:

  • staying motivated through daily ups-and-downs, while sustaining clarity,
  • living desires in the “NOW”,
  • improving self-confidence,
  • overcoming past “less-than” successful experiences,
  • maximizing and optimizing career goals,
  • building better relationships,
  • creating understanding through better communication,
  • and more.

Fran Pedron, Spiritual Life Coach and ThetaHealer, works with her clients to:

  • uncover burning desires to succeed,
  • ferret out the best plan to put those desires into working order,
  • activate real-time results, while knocking down walls,
  • empower themselves with tools and strategies to immediately course correct, keeping future outcomes successful,
  • hold them accountable as they pivot into personal and professional successes.

People look to improve areas in their lives and reach out when they feel safe. Fran helps people find answers and build solutions more effectively and efficiently.

  • Maximize your life and live each moment FULLY … grow and stretch – align your values and purpose.
  • Gain Clarity into What you really want. Do you want more or less:  from your career, your relationships or other life areas?
  • Discover YOU – what it means to live easier, less stressed, more self-satisfied, motivated and enthused. Developing a stronger sense of belief and self-confidence.
  • Attract rather than Struggling:  Are you clear with your intent versus your actions?
  • Build Success Habits through accountability.
  • Infuse balance in each area of your life—Creating deeper fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Create your Success Edge—Integrate passion and purpose into Financial Independence.
  • Define solutions, while you problem-solve to any challenge.
  • Celebrate your success—Empower yourself and create momentum.
  • Clear your Blocks … opening pathways to clarity & stop being stuck!
  • Goal Setting and Staying Motivated—in healthy ways to accomplishments, with greater ease and efficiency.
  • IT’S NOT WORKING!!!!…. Doing it your way – Discover solutions you may not have thought of before. Life Coaches are impartial and guide you through to your solutions.
  • PROS HAVE COACHES … The Best have the Best!!!! Successful people have coaches, so why not choose more for yourself!